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Final Game
Posted on 350 Days ago by Baba A1

(((((Baba A1===)))))   Ki Tarif sy salam =   First=Second=Akra= Routeen=        3633 sy start   99712x3633=3622(5369)=F 53 paas   99712x5321=5305(6755)=S 67 paasa   99712x1904=1898(5164)=S 46 paas   99712x7192=7171(2870)=S 02 paas   99712x9405=9377(9136)=S 16 paas   99712x3702=3691(3382)=S 82 paas   99712x9369=9342(0172)=    (wait)         First=second=Akre=                 (01)(02)(07)                 (20)(21)(27)                 (10)(12)(17)                 (70)(71)(72)   chort gem ke lia Rabta kare    Baba A1===   Call me # 0312-6925526