provides you all kind of prize bond formula page, here you can post your own prize bond formula on daily routine basis by which users and visitors feels easy to make their lucky prize bond number to know that what is predictable number which could be win in next prize bond draw in Pakistan, post prize bond formula it happens in some times in other city and another time in another city of Pakistan. These formula routine helps you for sure but there is no guarantee that every time these formula will be successful, thank you !


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Posted on 32 Days ago by Janu Ji

Super Easy sigale first link Root.
94×347=32(6)=96 pass.
96×347=33(3)=63 pass.
63×347=21(8)=18 pass.
18×347=62(4)=24 pass.
24×347=83(2)=21 pass.
21×347=72(8)=38 pass.
38×347=13(1)=15 pass.
15×347=52(0)=00 pass.
50×347=17(3)=63 pass.
63×347=21(8)= wait...



Posted on 35 Days ago by Irfan Butt

کراچی 1500

سیکنڈ گفٹ 





Posted on 35 Days ago by Irfan Butt




Posted on 35 Days ago by Mohammad Ramzan

Fast Centr


B1500 karachi



Posted on 35 Days ago by Mohammad Ramzan

Game naseeb se lagti hy kushish laxmi karni hy baqi naseeb se bar kar kuch ni milta
Close root
2000 se unberk
B1500 4th se Bond1500 1 st 
 B1500 4th ka 4th +6th figer jama mufrud karry
Hasil figer se -1-1+1+1 aur hasil figer ka home
3 maha bad close mast mast mast

049434=4+4=827690 Close Next 636 Ok
247068=0+8=837690 close next 437 ok
738580=5+0=504367 close next 452 ok
388572=5+2=726589 close next 868 ok
341747=7+7=504367 close next 757 ok
345439=4+9=493256 close next 222 ok
912108=1+8=948701 close next 946 ok
982700=7+0=726589 close next 365 ok
315791=7+1=827690 close next 603 ok
879023=0+3=382145 close next 739 ok
397799=7+9=726589 close next 428 ok
945437=4+7=271034 close next 339 ok
880675=6+5=271034 close next 818 ok
638901=9+1=160923 close next 097 ok
423616=6+6=382145 close next 749 ok
474026=0+6=615478 close next 748 ok
720767=7+7=504367 close next 631 ok
180231=2+1=382145 close next ???? ok

Akram Khokhar sir G ager ye root kisi ke pass phally ho to mujhy batna lazmi